Ok so a lot of you want to create some cool navigations but in less time as possible. Where for you, I have written this very short and usefull tutorial on how to make a very good looking navigation in no time. It is so simple that it only consits of 2 main layers but still good enough for any website or design. Ofcourse that you want to see how it looks so here it is:


Let’s begin now shall we. First open a new document with any size you want (depends on the size of you navigation – mine is 500x100px) and fill it with some black dark color #020202.

Now let’s go with creating the small top part. Create a new layer and grab your „Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)“ and make a small selection like this:


Fill the selection with #cfcfcf. Right click on the layer name in the Layers Panel and select „Blending Options“. Apply the following:



Now you should be having something like this:


Not bad for a start, eh? Let’s make the main navigation part now. Create a new layer and again grab your „Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)“. Make a selection which is going to be your new nav, but leave a 1px gap between that and the upper part that we already created. Something like this:


Fill the layer with any color you want and add these Blending Options to it:



This is what you should be having now:


Well your navigation is now done and all we have to add is a bit of text. Grab your „Horizontal Type Tool (T)“, font and size depend on your navigation but I have went with „Lucida Sans“; “Regular“; “10pt“; „Strong“ with color #fefefe. Now click somewhere on your navigation to write something down. After you enter the links of your navigation right click your text layer and add the following Blending Options to it:


After you click ok, this is what comes up:


Believe it or not but it’s done. If you have any questions or suggestions about the tutorial you can leave it in the comment or contact us directly on admin@coregfx.org .

Feel free to use this in your designs but leaving credit to us would be much appriciated. Here are the source files if you’re not sure how to create something: