I’ve seen that I haven’t posted any tutorials for a while so I decided to create a new one. In this tutorial we will be making buttons again, but unlike in the last one, these are going to be much smaller and easier to make. You can use them for arrows or some small things (like submit, send etc.).

I know that you’re dieing to see how they will look in the end, so this is how:


Ok, so let’s get going. First create a new document any size you want (I’ve used 180×80) and fill it up with #212121.

Small Colorful Button Tutorial 01

Create a new layer and using your “Rectangular Marque Tool” (Rectangular Marque Tool Photoshop Icon) make a selection which is going to be your button. Now go to Select>Modify>Smooth, set it to 3 px and press OK.

Small Colorful Button Tutorial 02

Now you can fill it up wih any color you want using the “Paint Bucket Tool” (Paint Bucket Tool Photoshop Icon). I’ve used #b00000 and this is what I came up with:

Small Colorful Button Tutorial 03

Doesn’t look so good, ehm? So what are you waiting for, let’s add some blending options. Right click on the layer and select “Blending Options”. Add the following than:

Inner Shadow Photoshop

Outer Glow Photoshop

Gradient Overlay Photoshop

Gradient Editor Photoshop

Stroke Photoshop

You should be having something like this:


Let’s add some text. Select your “Horizontal Type Tool” (Horizontal Type Tool Photoshop Icon) and add some text with the color #ffffff. I’ve used the font “Arial Narrow”, Regular, with size of 13 px and Sharp. You can use any size you want, it depends on the size of your button.


Doesn’t look so sharp, right? Let’s add some “Drop Shadow”. Again right click on your layer in the “Layers Panel” and press “Bledning Options”. Add the following:


And this is what we got than:


Well believe it or not, we’re done! You can now create buttons with any color you want just by changing the color of your first layer. Here’s an examples:


If you want to download the source files, you can do it from the link bellow:

I hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you might have (my e-mail is btw admin@coregfx.org). You can use these buttons in your designs or anywhere else. Please leave a comment with your thoughts about this tutorial.

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